Meet Louise Comer

RN, MSN, CNE, DNP Candidate

Louise has over 20 years’ experience as a registered nurse, with a clinical focus that incudes maternal child and public health. She has spent 15 years teaching childbirth and parenting classes, helping expecting parents prepare for labor, birth, and parenthood. Since 2010, Louise has worked as a nurse educator, teaching undergraduate nursing classes, traditional pre-licensure classes, and an online RN-BSN program. She is passionate about using her experience to help both new parents and nursing students.

Meet Jesus Alderete

Injury Prevention Specialist

For over 18 years, Jesus has served as the Senior Injury Prevention Program coordinator at a Texas-area children’s hospital. He is a certified child passenger safety instructor and an expert in child CPR and choking protocols. Jesus teaches community courses designed to help parents learn how to buy, install, and safely use vehicle safety seats. He also leads seminars focused on helping parents learn how to prevent unintentional traumatic injuries in children and how to respond if a serious injury happens.

What Is Included with This Online Course

The Baby Safety course helps parents learn essential skills to lower their child’s risk of injuries and accidents at home, around water, and in the car. The course also teaches parents how to recognize the signs of an illness or injury and respond quickly and confidently.

  • Led by Louise Comer, Registered Nurse and Certified Childbirth Educator & Jesus Alderete, Child Safety Expert and Instructor in Car Seats

  • 8 Chapters and 32 Lessons

  • 25 Videos and 9 Interactive activities

  • 3 PDF’s, Including Step by Step Instructions for Infant Choking and Infant CPR

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Baby Safety

    1. Crib Safety

    2. ABCs of Safe Sleep

    3. Rooming-In

    4. Newborn Falls and Drops

    1. Baby's Medical Provider

    2. Baby's Temperature

    3. Immunizations

    4. Illness

    5. First Aid

    6. Hand-Washing

    1. Instructor Introduction

    2. Choosing a Car Seat

    3. Installation

    4. Harnessing

    5. The Right Fit

    6. Expiration Dates & Recalls

    7. Look Before You Lock

    1. Home Safe Home

    2. Kitchen, Bath, and Laundry

    3. Nursery

    4. Living Room

    5. Garage and Basement

    6. Outdoor Safety

    7. Fire Prevention

    8. Poison Prevention

    9. Drowning Prevention

    10. Dangerous Behavior

    1. CPR

    2. Choking

    3. Dialing 911

About this course

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  • 33 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

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