Meet Louise Comer

RN, MSN, CNE, DNP Candidate

Louise has over 20 years’ experience as a registered nurse, with a clinical focus that includes maternal child and public health. She has spent 15 years teaching childbirth and parenting classes, helping expecting parents prepare for labor, birth, and parenthood. Since 2010, Louise has worked as a nurse educator, teaching undergraduate nursing classes, traditional pre-licensure classes, and an online RN-BSN program. She is passionate about using her experience to help both new parents and nursing students.

What Is Included with This Online Course

In this course parents will find plenty of practical information, safety tips and step-by-step techniques to help them care for their little one at home. Plus, helpful information about becoming a family, newborn appearance, infant development, and their very important role as a parent.

  • Led by Louise Comer, Registered Nurse and Certified Childbirth Educator

  • 8 Chapters and 32 Lessons

  • 23 Videos and 5 Interactive Games

  • 7 downloadable PDF’s, Including Baby Sign Language, Step-by-Step Swaddling, and Baby Sleep Patterns

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Baby Care

  • 2

    First Moments

    • Coming Home

    • Extended Family and Pets

    • Skin-to-Skin Contact

    • Rooming-In

  • 3

    Newborn Appearance and Procedures

    • Appearance

    • Procedures

    • Screenings

    • Jaundice

    • Circumcision

  • 4

    Hands-On Care

    • Swaddling

    • Burping

    • Diapering

    • Bathing Your Baby

    • Umbilical Cord Care

    • Mucus Removal

    • Taking Temperature

    • Dental Care

    • Going Outside

  • 5

    Your Amazing Baby

    • Learning Your Baby's Behavior

    • Helping and Comforting

    • Sleep Development

    • Reflexes

    • Baby Senses

    • Normal Baby Sights and Sounds

  • 6

    Infant Development

    • The First Year

    • Holding (and Wearing) Your Baby

    • Tummy Time

    • The Power of Play

    • Developmental Milestones

  • 7


    • Before You Go

  • 8


    • Baby Care Toolkit